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Follow back?

If you’re gonna ask me this make sure you are following me first please.I don’t really like when people ask me to ‘follow back’. I think is nicer ask me to check out your blog!

Would you check out my blog?

Yes, of course. I’ll check out your blog and if I like it then I will follow! You should know that I only follow 99% TW blogs (I make exceptions to some people when I consider them lovely and nice).

♔ Where do you do your creations? 

I use Photoshop CS5

♔ Where did you learn to make *insert any creation made by me*? 

If I have to be honest, I never properly ‘learned’ with tutorials or something like that. I learned to photoshop all by myself, so I don’t really have links to tutorials!

Please vote for me/ask your followers to do it?

Of course! I’ll vote for you and post the question so my followers can see it!

Check this out?

If there’s anything you want me to see just submit it or tag me as twlads

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